2000Kva Invertor

R2,988.85 Including VAT

Now, this is something each and every one of us need. Eskom has just announced that load-shedding will be with us for at least another 5 years. Are you tired of interrupting deadlines, or missing your favourite TV show and sitting in the dark? Well here is your solution. This powerful 2000Kva Invertor can keep things running when Eskom isn’t. How it works is it stores power on its batteries while the power is on, and then when the power fails the battery charge is inverted from DC to AC and stepped up, so your appliances will work. it takes the DC power and inverts it into AC

It Features selectable input voltage ranges with a user-friendly LCD and indications with settings function. Rack & wall-mounted design for flexible installation. Auto-start so you won’t even skip a beat when the power goes down, and it is quiet, very quiet, under 50bD.

Battery not included.

Capacity (VA/W) 2000VA/1600W
Normal Battery Voltage: 24VDC
Line ModeInput Normal Voltage 220Vac
Voltage Range: 170-280Vac (Narrow Range 90-280Vac (Wide Range)
Normal Frequency 50hz or 60Hz
Output Voltage 220Vac
Protection Discharge
Battery Charger (Powered by AC) 3 Step Charging
Over-charged, over-loading, Over-temperature, Short Circuit Protection
Noise Level less than 50dB